You need a road map and you need it yesterday.

You may be trying to figure out if your marketing approach is missing something. Maybe you’ve been burnt before or you’re not sure how much you should be spending to actually get results.

You’re focused on growing Instagram for your business and increase sales through those channels. 

Oh no, now you’re allocating resources to email marketing, then influencer outreach, or better Google and Facebook ads?

Truth is… something’s not working as you would like it to. (If you have it all figured out, congrats!)

You’re not getting enough sales. Or you are bringing in revenue, but need more. Or too many customers stop at cart. Or...a million other variables that you need to be considering.

Chances are… there are bottlenecks in your customer’s journey that can actually be solved.

And there are missed opportunities in your business - literally money left on the table - that are preventing you from scaling and thriving.

Sometimes it takes a step back to identify and map out:

√ Bottlenecks

√ Red flags

√ Challenges

√ Opportunities

√ New strategies

√ Budgets

√ (Re-assessed) Goals


As a general approach, put yourself in your customers shoes.


🛍️ You would start by assessing the quality of your typical customer's journey, by going through it and analyzing it. Is your messaging clear for users that don't know you? Are you providing enough resources to help your customers find the best match among your products? How's the purchase and shipping experience, at every stage? How many times do you touch point with them via email before, during and after the purchase cycle? How and when do you retarget them? What kind of content and offers do you use? We could go on and on.

😱 As a second step, you would flag all the bottlenecks you found in this journey. Look at the reasons and details of those issues. Maybe the problem is at cart, or lays in the load speed of your website, or the shipping solutions, etc.

🤑 Of course, the natural third step is adjusting strategy. Easier said than done. Industries and products are different, and rather than a blanket strategy where an overall budget is assigned to "advertising" or "influencer program", you need to start from a few important questions. For example, do you know your acceptable CPA (cost per acquisition) or your LTV (Lifetime value of your customers)? Do you know your average cost of product to "seed" (includes shipping costs) to determine the number of influencers you should reach out? Or the trade value they're expecting?

Knowing the answers to these questions will set you in the right direction. Of course, there's a lot more.

Recently, we started working with select businesses - some are starting up, some are ready to scale - to draft and provide that road map for them.

A comprehensive analysis and strategy with step by step guidelines, basically the tools to succeed. So that an internal team can implement and take it from there. Or we can carry that on, if requested.

My two cents? Getting an audit done by specialists will give you a fresh perspective on your business and give you the keys to make that turn. Without burning yourself on retainers, without strings attached.

Want to talk? Request your audit here, let's see if we're a good fit.