At Remotely, we focus on our zone of genius: eCommerce. Do your customers “add to cart”? 

As a full service Facebook Advertising & Growth agency, our team specialize exclusively in helping eCommerce and adventure-based businesses achieve high ROAS using a comprehensive Digital Marketing approach. 

Whether you’re looking to increase sales for a physical product, promote a destination package or sell more tickets - we can help craft the right solution to help your business scale and hit your KPIs. From Facebook & Instagram Ads to Email Marketing and Creative Content for Social Growth.

Online stores & brands

We work with online stores and brands of all kinds and sizes; new brands that are ready to skyrocket their growth, established brands that are looking to scale and optimize and existing retail businesses branching out to eCommerce: beauty and skin care, home goods, fitness, sport and outdoor gear, apparel, and more.

Adventure-based businesses (ticket sales)

We are travelers at heart so, naturally, we love working with adventure-based businesses (ticket sales) and have quite a track record: adventure parks, trade shows, music festivals, destination packages, experiential travel.

Certified B-Corp & Fair Trade

We have experience with certified B Corporations and Fair Trade, a special type of for-profit brands that use business as a force for good. We know how product quality and company mission are both equally important message points for the target consumer.

Here are some success stories. 

BATH & BODY BRAND: Scaled Ad Spend by 700% With a 3X-5X ROAS During Competitive Q4


NSC stats.png

While established locally, with 11 retail locations across Florida, they were still new to Facebook Advertising and started with a goal to support their successful Email Marketing efforts.

After implementing a new funnel, we began the first month with 5X Return on Ad Spend during the initial phase of Rapid Fire Testing. During this phase, we quickly established top performing audiences, creatives and offers, using engaging Canvas, carousels, single image and short video ads to drive potential customers into a short funnel.

Our team later identified the opportunity to successfully scale ad spend. Except, scaling budget while maintaining high performance and ROAS right at the beginning of the holiday season is not an easy task.

We leveraged the data acquired so far and invested heavily on prospecting, targeting our top cold audiences. We needed to build a strong base of potential customers to retarget during the peak of the holiday season, in order to avoid the high costs connected with cold audiences during this time of the year. So our team quickly tested and validated a mix of dynamic audiences, pixel value-based and high-AOV Lookalikes.

We continued to scale the spend gradually and constantly, testing different bid strategies and introducing a Middle of Funnel; we targeted strong warm audiences that were showing high intent of purchase, using a content dripping strategy.

By the first half of November, audiences were ripe, engaged and ready to buy; so we drastically scaled down our Top of Funnel (cold audiences) and began allocating most of the spend towards those warm and hot audiences we had produced so far.

Our strategy proved right: we achieved 5.5X Return on Ad Spend during the peak of the holiday season, bringing a total of 60K in sales with a stable 3X ROAS over Q4. 

Loggerhead sea turtle.jpg


Putting Them on the Map for New Visitors with Facebook Ads, With Over 7x ROAS from Ticket Sales Since Start Date


Gulf stats.png

With 6 million visitors per year, the park was still new to Facebook advertising, having run only a few isolated ads during the holiday season. During the initial setup, we fixed a mix of Pixel-related issues to allow proper tracking and started our process of Rapid Fire Testing to validate winning audiences, messaging and overall strategy.

The park is a destination for families, seniors and veterans, however simple geo-targeting wasn’t enough to bring in a consistent flow of new visitors and new ticket sales. Our winning strategy took place in three steps:

1) Identified the unique purchase cycle and behavior for this type of customer

2) Leveraged an array of video content for each offering and step of the customer journey

3) Optimized our strategy using Campaign Budget Optimization and a proprietary video dripping strategy to re-engage and convert warm audiences with high ROAS

We skyrocketed the account with a 7x ROAS on month one. Having tested different video / copy / headline / call-to-action variations in the first week, gave us a huge advantage with the top performing combinations in place.

One of our top campaigns produced 20% of our total sales over one month with 11.8X ROAS, just by targeting warm audiences with a subtle messaging, aiming to educate potential customers about the Park’s turtle conservation program. A simple “Learn More” button, combined with a call-to-action link, instead of a more direct “Buy Now” drove sales quickly while providing value to engaging audiences.

These combined efforts allowed us to maintain our Cost Per Acquisition 50% cheaper than industry standard, in relation to our Average Order Value. For four months in a row now, we maintained an average of 7x ROAS across funnel, with a peak of 10.8X ROAS on the entire funnel in June alone, making it our best performing month yet.

With highly engaging campaigns that keep this brand top-of-mind among potential park visitors, top metrics and unprecedented ROAS across the board, this adventure-based business is just one of our glorious success stories.

DE stats.png

DERMA E: Reinforcing Brand Awareness & Loyalty During the Transition to Target Nationwide


Generating awareness during the delicate transition that brought them to Target nationwide, we triggered and leveraged a large network of beauty bloggers, influencers and advocates through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Social Media quickly became primary platforms for customer service and direct communication, bringing together an engaged community of brand advocates, vegans and health conscious skincare consumers alike. Collaborations included Birchbox (607K Followers), Ipsy (2.3M Followers), FabFitFun (744K Followers); YouTube and Instagram influencers Carli Bybel (5M Followers), @Targetdoesitagain (1M Followers), @missashleydiana (129K Followers), Alexys Gabrielle (195K Followers), The Zoe Reports (817K Followers) and various bloggers managed through Brand Backer and Tribe Dynamics.

Our top performing email acquisition campaign attracted over 26,000 entries in the first 24 hours and acquired a total of 48,000 emails using gamification via Facebook Ads. Similar campaigns, sweepstakes and POS promotions in collaboration with natural product retailers were carefully developed and executed with the derma e® team as part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns strategically channeled these efforts through offline and online sales funnels, dramatically increasing following, awareness and sales. Over 6 months, we helped derma  generate 60K new Facebook Page Likes, 10K Instagram Followers and 5K Twitter Followers.

From Facebook promoted campaigns to organic brand bonding, from on-site brand activation - Generation Beauty by Ipsy - to community development, we're so proud of the work done!

derma e® has now a community that's larger than ever; growing strong since 1984 and keeping their high ethical standards: 100% vegan, cruelty-free, no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten, soy or GMOs.

CERTIFIED B-CORPORATION CANDLE BRAND: Increased Sales for a Certified B-Corporation Candle Company that Employs Women Artisans & Refugees


PC stats.png

We achieved up to 10X ROAS during the competitive holiday season, driving 70% of revenue of the entire year. And maintained a healthy 3.5X ROAS across the full funnel with a conservative spend all year round.

Formats like Canvas and Collection Ads at middle of funnel performed the best and allowing us to not only promote specific catalogs, but also improving awareness over the social impact of the company. Lead Ads were then implemented in creative sweepstake campaigns and leveraged to increase lead acquisition for email marketing. 

We also introduced A/B testing, retargeting and segmentation sequences via Email Marketing, generating 26% open rate and up to 40% increase in sales from consumer-based lists and behavioral-segmented audiences

MACA-TRIM: New Look, New Concept - Making a New Brand eCommerce Ready


Our team executed a full rebranding strategy for this innovative dietary supplement. Starting with a new logo design that could convey a minimal, fresh, yet earthy look for the brand, we completely re-elaborated the Focus Energy Burn concept into a new design and packaging. At these early stages, we needed a slick packaging format that could be sold online, but also be repurposed to be displayed in stores. And so it was born: a minimal white box suggesting a clean look and an open display to showcase the blooming vibrancy of the stick packs; yellow for energy and lemon flavor, Pantone Greenery for natural and healthy living. 

While the company seeks investors, preparing for a paid advertising effort, we quickly refreshed their e-commerce look with a brand new website redesign. 

So many roads to explore with Maca-Trim. For now we invite you to try out this super product: refill your natural energy, get stronger,  get focused, one sip at a time.